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Using multimedia facility, online classes are given for students who cannot attend regular classes. Industry experts will be handling online classes on subjects like Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Shipping, Digital Marketing and IT skill development classes, from our center on a regular basis. Also we arrange virtual class rooms at outstation locations for the convenience of the students as well as instructors.
Such arrangement helps the trainer and the students to conveniently choose their time and place of operation without the need to travel long distances. There is tremendous scope in imparting knowledge and skills through this method as it can be operated from any place for any number of students around the globe. These are interactive classes and hence the student – teacher communication will be as good as in any normal class rooms.
We use the latest technologies to make this happen. Care is taken to see that there is no interruptions and disturbances during the classes. You may make use of these facilities to enhance your knowledge and skills.
We have a large collection of potential candidates with various skills and abilities in our database. We use latest methodologies to source ideal candidates from various industries like Engineering and Information Technology, Finance and Banking sector, Logistics and Supply Chain, Shipping and Aviation, Marketing, Sales and Business Development, Hospitality Industry and Health Care, Advertisement, Event Management, and Media services, Educational institutions, …………...Etc. We will be able to provide recruitment and placement services for all the above domains at different levels like- Assistants,Executives, Supervisors, Junior, middle or senior Management, technical, skilled or semi-skilled.
We have a team of experts, well equipped to train your employees in various skills required to be more productive in their respective fields. We do the training need assessment and accordingly prepare the content and training conforming to world standards.