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Is this an age old problem? Did this gap exist decades ago? Skill set required during the last generation in totally different from that required these days. Those were days when a job aspirant need to be trained in the traditional subjects particularly in the area of his specific job search. Many times it was common to find that landing up in a job has nothing to do with one’s interests but was merely by chance rather than by choice.

Assess the skill gap. Determine the learning process. Go on to practical application and get ahead in life.


Today there is a common thread going through all jobs. IT and automation through computer systems is the leading enabler of trade and industry. Hence one need to acquire skill sets that could get him the career he seeks. Apart from the basic knowledge about his career field he should also be thorough with the technology and systems so as to explore possibilities using technology for advancement.

This skill set is the need of the hour. New gen minds are quick at lapping up technology. This sure will help him excel in his career. But that is not all that it takes. There are some basic skills that are ignored. This is because the whole attention is diverted to technology alone. All works need to be done by man. Man is a human and he should exhibit those human behaviors naturally. These needs polishing. Even a diamond needs polishing. Otherwise it is not useful to anybody.

These days there is scant regards to working cohesively. Machines does all the work. Facts, figures and analytics are all ready at the click of a button. But the fact remains that nothing can replace humans. To excel you need to have excellent human skills. These are learnt and practiced. How much of learning and practice is required depends on the existing skill gap. Honing up individual skills will lead to team performance.

Assess the skill gap. Determine the learning process. Go on to practical application and get ahead in life. Best wishes.

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